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Slimming (Option)

Slimming (Option)
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Slimming (Option)

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Slimming (Option)

Slimming Heat    (40 mins)    $128
M12000 Slimming (by part)    (20 mins)    $88
TP-C8 Slimming (by part)    (20 mins)    $88
Therma G Plus Slimming (by part)    (20 mins)    $98
(Hip, Waist, Abdomen, Thigh, Leg, Arm, Shoulder or Back Slimming)

M12000 Slimming

During M12000 slimming treatments, custom made equipment is used to stimulate your muscles into doing normal exercise. Pads are placed over specific parts of the body and they send  deep penetrating impulses into the muscles causing them to contract and relax stimulating natural muscle movements.

This activity speeds up the conversion of calories into heat, resulting in the breakdown of fat into energy, reduction of fluid retention, detoxification of the body and a measurable inch and weight loss. The most popular, effective treatment takes only 30 minutes and clients receive three treatments per week over a four-week course. The average weight loss over a four-week course is between 5-10 lb.

The M12000 treatment can be beneficial to all muscles such as the stomach, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms that are easily exhausted in normal exercise. M12000 slimming treatment has no dangerous side effects. Experience great results with no down time. Slimming machine sessions are enjoyable alternative to traditional exercise, putting no strain on your joints or ligaments.

TP-C8 (G5) Vibration Slimming Machine

Muscle vibrate
Soften and consume fat to reduce weight.
Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.
Train the muscles lack of exercises to prevent muscle of fatigue.
Effect fatigue, tension, pain, relaxation
30-minute for 2 or 3 time per weeks to see result.

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